The Franz Kiel GmbH

Kiel is Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative transit seating systems for commercial vehicles and public transportation, including seating solutions for busses and trains on the local, regional, and intercity level. Kiel operates globally with offices in France, Poland, Netherlands, Turkey, Macedonia and the United States.

Kiel is synonymous for the integration of tradition and technical know-how with innovation and creativity. It is our mission to be to be client-focused and responsive to their needs.Seating sytems manufactured by Kiel distinguish themselves with their high quality, sophisticated technology, and their contemporary design while meeting the highest requirements both in safety and passenger comfort.

But Kiel seats do not stop there: Kiel is a also a world leader in providing complete seating systems as well as individualized, client-specific seating solutions for unique applications. It is Kiel’s goal to improve passenger safety and comfort with high-quality products and to take responsibility for the environment by using only the most innovative technology and the most efficient manufacturing processes.

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